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Wording the Dress Code on a Wedding Website!

Oct 19, 2022

It’s your big day, and just like you, we want everything to be flawless, including what your guests wear. But how do you ensure everyone is on the same page regarding the dress code?

The best way to do this is by including clear instructions on your wedding website. Many couples do this for guests’ reference, and we recommend you do too.

If you decide to go this route, there are a few ways to word it so that it is clear and concise. For example, you could say, “We request that our guests wear formal attire,” or “Cocktail attire is preferred!”

And remember, there will be sweet music and dancing too, so consider that as well. Listed below are more tips on wording the dress code on your wedding website!

  • Be Specific

If you have a specific dress code, mention it on your website. For example, if you want guests to wear formal attire, inform them. Jeans or no flip-flops? Be sure to mention those as well.

You could write something as simple as, “Ladies, please wear a dress or skirt and blouse. Gentlemen, please wear a collared shirt and slacks.” This will help avoid any confusion or misunderstanding.

  • Use Keywords

If you’re not sure how to specifically word your dress code, try using keywords such as “formal,” “semi-formal,” or “casual.” This will give guests a general idea of what to expect.

  • Be Mindful of Your Audience

Keep in mind that not everyone is familiar with wedding etiquette. So, explain any terms that may be unfamiliar to your guests. For example, if you’re having a black tie affair, mention that dress shoes and a tuxedo are required for men.

  • Use Positive Language

Instead of saying, “No jeans allowed,” try something like, “please dress your best!” This will ensure that guests feel welcome and appreciated, no matter what they wear.

The important thing is your guests know what is expected of them so they can dress appropriately and feel comfortable at your wedding. Follow these tips and ensure everyone is on the same page regarding the dress code. That will help ensure your big day is everything you’ve dreamed of!

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