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Things Only a Professional DJ Will Know

Sep 14, 2022

Your wedding is almost here, isn’t it? We couldn’t be happier for you, and we’ll ensure it’s a day you’ll remember for the rest of your happy lives! But how do we do this? With exceptional music!

Naturally, we expect you to book a professional DJ for such an important day and event. But when it comes to wedding DJs, there are a few things that only professionals will know. Here are just a few of them!

  • How To Read the Crowd

A professional DJ knows how to read a crowd and play the right music to get them moving. They know how to gauge the energy in the room and adjust their playlist accordingly.

  • What Songs to Play (And when)

A professional DJ has a vast repertoire of songs to choose from and knows which ones will get people dancing. They also know when to play certain songs (e.g., the first dance, the last dance, etc.).

  • How To Use Equipment

Professional DJs know how to use their equipment to create the perfect sound. They know how to mix and match songs and use special effects to create a unique experience!

  • How To Handle Requests

A professional DJ knows how to handle requests from guests; which ones to play and which to avoid.

  • How To Keep the Party Going

Finally, a professional DJ knows how to keep the party going all night. They know how to read the crowd and play the right music to keep them dancing!

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