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5 Ways to Make a Toast at a Wedding

Nov 2, 2022

Many traditions are associated with weddings, one of which is making a toast! Toasts are a way to show your support for the new couple. It’s also a beautiful way to wish them all the best in their future. If you have been invited to make a toast at a wedding, here are five ways to make it extra special!

  • Keep It Brief

A toast should be concise and to the point. The focus should be on the couple, not on you.

  • Make It Personal

A toast is more meaningful if it includes a personal story or memory about the couple.

  • Avoid Clichés

Clichés are overused and can make a toast sound trite. Instead, try to be original and genuine!

  • Use Proper Etiquette

Be sure to stand up straight and make eye contact with the couple while you deliver your toast.

  • Raise A Glass

Toasting is traditionally done with a glass of champagne, but you can use any drink. Just be sure to raise your glass high enough for everyone to see!

These simple tips will help you make a toast the happy couple will remember for years. But while a toast is another beautiful part of a wedding, you still need sweet music to play loud and true and set the perfect mood on your big day!

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