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5 Popular Myths About Wedding Songs You Might Have Forgotten

Dec 21, 2022

Many people think you must play “here comes the bride” for the wedding ceremony, but this is unnecessary. It’s also a myth that you must have slow, romantic music playing during the reception!

These are just two of the many popular myths about wedding songs that people often forget. So, here are more of them!

  • You Have To Have A Slow Dance

Not every wedding needs to feature a slow dance. If you’re looking for something more upbeat, you can opt for an uptempo song or even go with your favorite pop hit that may not necessarily fall into the “wedding song” category.

  • Every Bride And Groom Must Have Their Own Song

It is okay for two people to share their special day by sharing just one song. This could be something like “A Thousand Years” or even a classic like “At Last.”

  • It Would Be Best If You Played Traditional Wedding Songs

Just because something is considered a “traditional” wedding song does not mean it has to be played at your wedding. Feel free to pick any music you like and make the day your own.

  • The First Dance Should Only Be Between The Bride and Groom

This is far from true! Your wedding can feature dances with family members, friends, and anyone who wishes to participate in the festivities!

  • There Must Be A Cake-Cutting Song

While no rule says you have to have one, it can be a fun addition to the wedding if you want to include a cake-cutting song.

Whether you opt for something traditional like “Sugar, Sugar” or go with something more modern, make sure it fits the mood and theme of your wedding!

No matter what type of music you choose, remember that your big day should be enjoyable, and everyone should have a good time. So, consider these popular myths when choosing wedding songs and create the perfect soundtrack!

Wicked Good Entertainment, New England’s famed wedding and entertainment company, agrees all these are mere myths. And they should not hinder you from enjoying your big day. That’s why we’ll ensure you enjoy every second of your big day!

So, whether we’re playing high-quality music, decorating the venue with beautiful lighting, or giving your guests wacky pictures to take from our photo booth, we guarantee you’ll love what we do for you! Contact us now!